Jacob Bendicksen

Hi, I'm Jacob.

I studied Computer Science and Political Science at Yale, and I'm currently the Policy & Public Affairs Coordinator at the Internet Commission.

I'm a sporadic, but enthusiastic writer—I've written about the national parks, living in a tent for three months, the college admissions process, and people doing amazing things in New Haven and beyond. Follow me on Medium for more writing, and definitely more em dashes.

Some cool things I've done:

  • Trafficked and analyzed digital ads for Democrats and progressive groups with Clarify

  • Ran polls across the country for progressive candidates and groups with Change Research

  • Wrote a thesis exploring the history and future of American employment guarantees, and another digging into digital Fourth Amendment issues—let me know if you'd like to read either!

  • Spent a summer in Yosemite, bussing tables at Priest Station and roaming around the Sierra

  • Served as a TA at Yale's School of Management, teaching MBA students about software development

  • Worked on MANY, a project for the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale redefining the relationship between displaced people and their hosts

  • Appeared on America’s Greatest Makers (though I dispute the title)

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